How do you start? I’ve sat here and started typing half a dozen times and end up deleting them. There doesn’t seem to be a good way to say “hey, I have testicular cancer.”

I think it’s also because I’m still processing the idea myself.

However, I believe this journey I am on with my family is one that is meant to be shared with others. Some of you reading this are friends or family and I hope this blog can help you stay informed. Some of you may find this because you’ve recently been diagnosed with cancer–I hope you find my experience to be informative.

Most of all, I hope this is encouraging.

I’ll posting more videos and blog posts in the coming days. Stay tuned!


I just cant finish listening what you are saying, I want to say The Blood of Jesus will clean Every unnecessary (unwanted) things from your body. I believe His name with all powers will give you a wining spot.

Philippians 4;13 ” I can do all things through Christ which strength me” can you say it and start meditate the word? i will pray form now on.
your brother

Words can not express how much I love, respect, and admire you. Everyone you touch is greatly blessed. You and the family are in my thoughts and prayers constantly. Sending all the love from Houston. ❤️

Hi James! I just saw you last night helping with the choir and sound as usual, unaware that you were carrying such a heavy burden. I’m so sorry to learn of the cancer news. I admire the faith you have in the Lord and how you care so much about the well being of your family and friends by keeping them informed about your status when you yourself are carrying your own heavy burden. It is a testimony of how beautifully God can shape the heart of one who truly surrenders his life and seeks the Lord in all things. Be encouraged dear brother to know that even in this dark time, you continue to glorify the name of Christ, and in splendid new ways that may not be possible apart from being in this dark time. I will definitely keep your family in prayer and you in prayer for a miraculous healing from our Lord! I know there will be many praying for you also! Thank you for caring so much and keeping us informed. I look forward to rejoicing with you when you are finally cured and restored! You have my contact info and I just wanted to extend an invitation to call, email, text me 24/7 if you need anything! And I’m not just saying that but I mean 100% of it! Keep strong in the Lord and be encourged that our Heavenly Father who loves us dearly is in control! Take care! Your brother-in-Christ.

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