Journey with Cancer – All Clear!

Spoiler Alert: I’M ALL CLEAR!

At the end of February, I meet with my doctor and I received the “all clear.” At this point, all that I will have to do moving forward is keep monitoring to make sure cancer doesn’t show back up.

People frequently are asking how I am feeling. It took quite a while after chemo to feel like I was back to “normal.” In part, that was due to me running hard once I was done with chemotherapy as if nothing had ever happened. That wore my body out a bit and I had quite a bit of emotional and mental fatigue. For the most part, back to 100% now.

Thank you to all of you who have been walking with us on this journey. Your love, support, and prayers have meant the world to me and my family!

And please know this: My story and my experience is here because I hope it can be used to encourage others. I’m always happy to share with others or answers questions about my experience.

This is My Journey With Cancer

How do you start? I’ve sat here and started typing half a dozen times and end up deleting them. There doesn’t seem to be a good way to say “hey, I have testicular┬ácancer.”

I think it’s also because I’m still processing the idea myself.

However, I believe this journey I am on with my family is one that is meant to be shared with others. Some of you reading this are friends or family and I hope this blog can help you stay informed. Some of you may find this because you’ve recently been diagnosed with cancer–I hope you find my experience to be informative.

Most of all, I hope this is encouraging.

I’ll posting more videos and blog posts in the coming days. Stay tuned!