Photojournalist Icon’s First Experience with Digital Photography


This is an amazing short documentary produced by Canon. It follow photojournalist legend Don McCullin as we learns how to use a digital camera for the first time with the help of Canon Ambassador Jeff Ascough.

The thing that I found so fascinating was hearing how a seasoned professional approaches photography and seeing some of the amazing results. In the film, you are able to follow him through various scenarios and see some of the results from each.

After you take a few minutes to watch the film, stop by Canon’s site to view some of the showcase images from both Don and Jeff.

Downtown With One On The Way


I had the opportunity to take some photos for some friends who are wanting to make a special little announcement for family members. They were a lot of fun and I learned more about what I need to work on, but I’m gonna have to wait a little while longer to share much. :)

Here’s a little preview that keeps their secret safe.

Flash & Lighting Practice


After Christmas, I got a super cheap radio flash trigger and an umbrella and light stand kit to start playing with off-camera flash lighting. It’s blast to play with, but I’ve got a long way to go.

Lessons Learned From Family Photos


Last weekend, I had the opportunity to take some photos of one a friend’s family. They are expecting their second child in August and wanted to get some photos of the prego belly and the family together. And they asked me to do it for them. I was flattered and scared.

My wife and I scouted the location before the family arrived and we were able to get some pretty decent pictures. By the end of the relatively short shoot, I was extremely exhausted and learned a few lessons.


  1. FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS. I need to take extra care to hit the focus right on. That may mean stopping down a bit to help. Especially when shooting a 2.5 year old.
  2. Don’t forget to pay attention to exposure AND composition. At a certain point in the shoot, I forgot to double check my exposure settings when I was worried about getting my composition right. Both are equally important.
  3. Posing people is hard. And I need to learn how to pose subjects and clearly communicate to subjects what to do.
  4. Eat before a shoot. I should have had dinner before, but got too busy. Having a better blood sugar level would have helped calm me down and have a clearer head about me.

All in all, it was a fun to experience my first family photo session. Here is a little peak at a few of the photos.

Magic Lantern for T2i Will Save You $60


When I got my Canon T2i/550D, I was really happy with it. Being my first DSLR, I really didn’t know there was anything I was missing. After several projects and a lot of time on the internet, I realized there were a few things that I wasn’t getting with the T2i. First, I wasn’t able to manually dial in the white balance (kinda a big deal). Second, I wasn’t able to select the camera sensor’s native ISO (which has it’s pros & cons).

About a year ago, I read about the Magic Lantern firmware for Canon’s DSLRs. Originally, it was to add functionality to the 5D that Canon left out, like controlling audio levels. Recently, they’ve ported Magic Lantern to the T2i/550D.

I decided to install it and now I can’t imagine not having Magic Lantern. It let’s me dial in my white balance & select whatever ISO I want; it gives me a histogram, false color, peaking, and gain controls in video mode. I LOVE IT! You need to download it and give it a try.

Another feature that I didn’t expect to see was an intervalometer (they let you setup the camera to take photos every X seconds). It’s perfect for doing creating timelapse videos. Anyway, I thought I would have to pay $60 for a remote control for the Canon T2i/550D to do this.

I tested the intervalometer yesterday and this is the product that I came up with.

52 Weeks of Sophia


Since we had Sophia we’ve been doing a little project. Every week from the day she was born, we take a picture to show how much she is growing. We put Sophia in a plain white onesie and place her on a different fabric each week. After we get our shot, we photoshop the week onto her onesie.

It’s been a blast to do and fun to really watch her growth. I gotta give a shout out to Young House Love for inspiring this awesome project.

Week 22
Week 21