Motion Graphics

Day 23: Soli Deo Gloria


The last week has been a blur and I really haven’t created anything for the most part. I know… When you tell the world that you are going to do something everyday, you need to follow through.

The thing about this project, though, is that it is about me growing and investing in myself. What that means is that I need to be resilient and keep coming back when I fail. And that’s what I’m doing today.

Today’s project was a little reminder about what it is all about being a Christian in an After Effects project. It’s short and worth watching, so I’m not going to tell you any more.

Day 18: For the lawyer, maybe?


"Conrad Daniels Associates" - 365 Project, Day 18

I’m not really thrilled with the type treatment, but I needed to be done for the night. My goal was to start with something simple and go from there. The mark started with three straight lines. It took me a while to figure out what to do with them. The first attempt was this braided thing, but I couldn’t get the proportions of the thing right. Next time, I’ll try to save a shot of my missteps for you to see.

P.S. Here is an update of the video that I did posted last week. For video, I figure one per week equals is about the equivalent of one design a day.

Day 12: A different direction


Day 12 is a little special. I decided to do a little learning an creating with motion graphics work. I set out to try some of the fly through text stuff that you often see and I definitely accomplished  that goal.

The downside to the project is that it was technical-skill and procedure-oriented rather than creativity-oriented. I had a blast and learned a bit, but I want to make sure I keep the creativity as a main staple for my 365 project. Oh yeah… and the end product is also work oriented.

UPDATED: I decided to keep working on this a little more instead of making something new on 1/14. Below is the updated video.

Making Promo Videos For Church


In my job, I’m responsible for creating promotional videos for youth events. On top of my other responsibilities, I rarely have time to put the hours upon hours into writing, shooting, editing, or creating motion graphic that the promos require. Good video = tons of time. And I refuse to create a crappy promo video. Those crappy videos often do more to hurt promotions than help. With that said, videos rarely were made for our promotions.

One great solution for the time-drain is to use pre-made templates.

Learning After Effects


Always looking for something new and exciting to learn and dabble gets dangerous. Spreading myself between so many things keeps me from mastering most of the things I set out to learn. I learn enough to have an understanding of the topic and then float on to the next thing. Well, motion graphics—specifically, After Effects—has been my latest thing.

Adobe After Effects is a monster of a program. It’s been called “Photoshop with a timeline.” So, think of how complex Photoshop is and how many different tools and functions that are built in then multiply that by ten. That’s how I would describe it.

After Effects (AE) is the sort of program that you need some sort of direction and help to start learning. AETuts is just the sort of tool you need to start taming the AE beast. It has various sorts of tutorials from a three part Beginners Guide to an animated homage to Bruce Lee to breath-taking cinematic sequences. However, for the beginner, I’d suggest skipping the breath-taking stuff and jump into the beginner’s guide. It’s there for a reason.

After I went through the beginner’s guide, I decided I needed a project to work on. I’m the sort of person who needs to be doing it and fiddling to learn. I decided the best way to do it was purchase a project file from Video Hive and start tinkering around and see how other people put together projects.

To see the two projects I played with, you can go to UNVEILED | Opener and The Bridge Overnighter on Vimeo.